Wednesday, July 21, 2010

About the Habbo Raid

"Pool's Closed" meme started when people from 4chan, YTMND, Bantown, and Ebaumsworld raided a popular online community game called Habbo Hotel. All the raiders dressed their habbos as black characters with afros wearing business suits called "Nigras." What they would do is that they would invade every room (espically the Pool Deck) and block the entrances and the pools so no one can get in. They repeatedly say "The pool is closed due to AIDS." Don't ask me where the whole AIDS thing came from because I don't have a damn clue.

New Server

Blah has switched to a much better server!

We have finally switched to a much better server. Our last one was a VPS (shared server), with less RAM and the network was slower. This new one is 3 times the cost of the one we had before. It has 4GB RAM, a much faster download and upload speed (as you may have noticed), is a Dedicated Server (we have it all to ourselves), and it has a very good Quad Core CPU.

From now on, expect Blah to be up 24/7 and no more downtime because of the host. This one is much more stable and reliable. Because this server is so much, though, we need as many VIP payments as possible! I added Daopay to the payment options, and VIP is now $10 for life. Instead of $5 per month. I will no longer have to keep track of all the VIP payments. Hopefully this will make VIP much more appealing to everyone, and if you can purchase it - please do!

There are also some staff changes that I must note; the entire Events Team has been demoted, and Trent has resigned. Graham has been promoted to the Senior Moderator position, Evan has been placed under the Administrator category, Adam and myself are Senior Administrators, and the Moderators from the previous version of Blah are all Moderators. Garrett (snakejr33) is now a Trial Moderator, as well. I will be hiring more Trial Moderators if I see that we need them.

Anyways, enjoy Blah Hotel and report any issues to Adam or myself.

Blah Hotel BETA

The same Blah Hotel you love, only with cool new features!

Hey guys, we are trying out the r53 version of Habbo for a little while to see how we like it. This may become the new Blah, and make the old hotel obsolete.

The server will probably be restarted a lot as I am coding things. Please report all issues to Zam, and enjoy the BETA!